Travel by Bus

Bus line 9A, 9B and 9C: From main train station/city center/Altstadt/Paradies/Petershausen/Königsbau/Allmannsdorf.

Bus line 11: From Wollmatingen train station/Wollmatingen/Fürstenberg/Königsbau/Allmannsdorf/Staad.

Bus line 4: Exit at the Egg/Universität bus stop. You can reach the university by following the respective signs.

You can query the bus connections or download the bus schedules (in German). Your conference tickets includes the bus transfer on the days of the conferences. Please use the voucher that will be provided to you before the conference.

We recommend the following connections (9A or 9B):

Wednesday, September 25

To the UniversityFrom  the University
Bahnhof13:18, 13:33, 13:48    Universität19:27, 19:43, 19:57
Zähringerplatz13:23, 13:38, 13:53Zähringerplatz19:33, 19:53, 20:03
Universität13:30, 13:48, 14:00Sternenplatz19:35, 19:55, 20:05

The bus stop Sternenplatz is next to the Constanzer Wirtshaus, in which the Early Career Researcher Reception will take place.

Thursday, September 26

To the UniversityFrom the University
Bahnhof08:18, 08:33, 08:48   Universität19:13, 19:27, 19:43
Zähringerplatz08:23, 08:38, 08:53Zähringerplatz19:23, 19:33, 19:53
Universität08:30, 08:47, 09:00Bodanplatz19:31, 19:46, 20:01

The bus stop Bodanplatz is next to the il Boccone, in which the Conference Dinner will take place.

Friday, September 27

To the UniversityFrom the University
Bahnhof08:18, 08:33, 08:48   Universität15:13, 15:27, 15:43
Zähringerplatz08:23, 08:38, 08:53Zähringerplatz15:23, 15.33, 15:53
Universität08:30, 08:48, 09:00Bahnhof15:33, 15:48, 16:03

Travel by Car

To get to the university, you can either follow the signs or add the following address to your navigation system:

University of Konstanz
Universitaetsstrasse 10
78464 Konstanz

The university has three parking areas (Parkplatz Nord, Parkhaus Süd, Parkplatz Ost, see campus map below).

A one-day parking ticket costs € 1.50. You can pay using cash, change is given.

Travel by Taxi

Here are some taxi companies in Konstanz:

Taxi Dornheim: +49 7531 6 77 77

SeeMobil: +49 7531 813 03 08

Taxi Müller: +49 7531 653 00

Travel by Bike

The city’s bicycle rental system (called KonRad) is available around the clock, seven days a week. There are 15 konrad rental stations from which you can easily borrow a bicycle. You can rent a bike in one place and return it at some other station easily. Every started half hour costs 1 Euro with a maximum of 9 Euro for 24 hours. Before first renting a rental bike, you need to sign up as a user, free of charge. This takes only a few minutes and is easiest done via web or by using the "Mein Konstanz" app. Once the account is set up, you're ready to go.

Campus Map

Please use the main entrance in building A. There will be signs leading you to the registration desk and the conference rooms.