The Academy of Sociology (AS), founded in 2017 as an association to promote empirical-analytical sociology, announces its second conference with a thematic focus on digital societies.

Digitalization is one of the megatrends of our century and affects numerous aspects of social life. The social sciences as well as the public have just begun to study and understand the deep structural changes that come with digitalization. Yet, the complex mixture of opportunities and risks in many areas of social life that are associated with this transformation call for a more comprehensive and thorough evaluation by the social sciences.

This year’s AS conference therefore calls on researchers to take up this challenge and provide substantive empirical research, methodological discussions, or theoretical contributions on digitalization with respect to all aspects of social life.

The conference language is English. We therefore explicitly encourage international scholars to join our conference.

We will also report on the congress on twitter ( by posting tweets about talks & events. If you are on twitter, here is the official conference hashtag: #akadsoz2019 .


Akademie für Soziologie e.V. (AS) / Academy of Sociology

Organizing committee:
Thomas Hinz (AS president/UKon)
Ulrik Brandes (ETH Zurich)
Claudia Diehl (UKon)
Andreas Diekmann (ETH Zurich/University of Leipzig)
Karsten Donnay (UKon)
Andreas Jungherr (UKon)
Cornelia Kristen (AS vice president/ University of Bamberg)
Sebastian Schnettler (AS board/University of Oldenburg)