While planning Digital Societies 2019, we tried to work as sustainable as possible. This included reducing plastic waste to a minimum, choosing ecologically and fairly produced fabrics and supporting public transportation

  • the t-shirts worn by all staff members are made from ecologically and fairly produced cotton as well
  • there will be no plastic bottles provided by us, we chose glass bottles and jugs filled with tap water instead, we also avoid diposable dishes
  • we serve fairtrade organic coffee with regional organic milk, avoiding single sugar and coffee cream portions
  • catering is from Seezeit, offering regional products whenever possible and meat from sustainable regional producers
  • our badges will be used without a plastic cover
  • the lanyards on the badge are made from bamboo
  • each participant is provided with a bus pass for all three days of the conference

We also encourage all participants to get to the conference locations by bike or public transportation. Find more information here.