Invited Speaker: Wojtek Przepiorka

By joining the talk given by our next invited speaker Wojtek Przepiorka, you will learn about reputation systems on online trading platforms. He identifies quality criteria which can be used to assess these systems in social research.

Joining us from the Netherlands is invited speaker Dr. Wojtek Przepiorka. He is an assistant professor at the department of Sociology at Utrecht University where he conducts theory-driven empirical research using laboratory and field experiments or advanced methods of statistical data analysis.

The research he will present at Digital Societies 2019 focuses on the role of reputation systems as ratings and reviews in online trade. His talk The Effectiveness of Online Reputation Systems to Promote Social and Economic Exchange investigates the opportunities and pitfalls of online reputation systems with the aim to establish quality criteria by which online reputation systems can be assessed.

His presentation will open the "Reputation on Digital Platforms"-session on Thursday, September 26 at 9:00 am in A702. Talks given by invited speakers will be 30 minutes.