Invited Speaker: Sophie Mützel

The second talk by an invited speaker at the conference will be by Sophie Mützel. It covers analytical and methodological opportunities and challenges of social research in the digital age.

Sophie Mützel, professor of Sociology with emphasis on media and social networks at the University of Lucerne, will give the second talk with the title "Sociological Research in the Digital Age: Analytical and Methodological Challenges and Opportunities".

The rise of big data – data that are large, diverse, often unstructured, and concern an array of phenomena – poses new challenges as well as opportunities to the social sciences and their claim to empirically analyze and explain the social world. Tools and algorithms of computational linguistics, machine learning, and network analysis, which help to identify patterns and to reduce complexity in large digital or digitized data sets, are challenging traditional tool kits of social science methods.

The talk will be on Wednesday, September 25,  15:00 in A701.