Invited Speaker: Michael Mäs

A personalized web experience might reshape your opinion and eventually lead to a polarization of opinions. Michael Mäs will introduce you to the public and scholarly debate and assess the extent of the influence.

We are happy to welcome Michael Mäs as an invited speaker to our conference. He is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology and the ICS at the University of Groningen.

At our conference, he will present the following topic: Do Filter Bubbles Foster Opinion Polarization? What We Know and What We Need to Know to Answer this Question. In this talk, Michael Mäs introduces the debate on the influence of personalization online on opinion polarization. His review will not only point out the risks of reshaping opinions by personalizing the web, but it will also critically assess the overall impact compared to other factors influencing opinion polarization.

To learn more about Michael Mäs' Research, go to the Opinion Formation session on Thursday, September 26 at 14:30 in A703.