Invited Speaker: Emilio Zagheni & Dirk Helbing

Our last two Invited Speakers Emilio Zagheni and Dirk Helbing will give their talks shortly before the end of our conference.

Emilio Zagheni is director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (DE) and Associate Professor at Washington State University, Seattle (US).

His research focusses on the use of mathematical, statistical and computational methods to study population dynamics. At our conference, he will talk about Using Digital Trace Data for Demographic Research.

Dirk Helbing is Professor for Computational Social Science at ETH Zurich (CH).

He works on computational modeling of social processes and also focusses on combining different disciplines as well as bridging between fundamental and applied work. In his talk Digital Society and Sustainability Transition - Grand Challenges for the Social Sciences, he will investigate the influence of new digital technologies on business models and sectors as well as established institutions.

Both their presentations will be in the final plenary (Friday, September 27) from 13:45-14:15 and 14:15-14:45 in A701.